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Part of the joy of being a woman is having children. As OB-GYNs at Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates, we offer world-class health in Milford and Westport, Connecticut. Our services include full gynecological and obstetrics services including prenatal care.

Prenatal Care Q & A

What is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is a focus of preventative health care throughout the stages of pregnancy. The idea is that by offering regular visits, doctors and have the ability to educate and help women understand how to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their babies. Along the way, mothers gain insight into their pregnancy and health care professional have the opportunity to diagnose and treat potential issues of pregnancy.

Why is Prenatal Care Important?

The primary goal of prenatal care is to keep mom and baby healthy. Prenatal care is designed to educate mothers about pregnancy, how to keep their baby healthy and how to make lifestyle changes that may include quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and stopping drug use. Prenatal care also helps doctors and parents learn about the baby's health, and potential issues that may cause problems later in the pregnancy and even after birth. Prenatal care is the first step in becoming an excellent mother, and our providers come alongside women to help them do just that.

What Happens During My First Prenatal Appointment?

One of the first things is that the doctor tries to determine is how far along you are and when the baby should be born. Every patient should have a tentative due date. The doctor will also go over pregnancy and answer your questions as she tells you what to expect, what to watch for, and advise you on which activities to avoid.

To help foster the preventative spirit of prenatal care, Dr. Murray or Dr. Sivkin will take a detailed health history from you that will likely include questions about your mother's and sisters' pregnancies. Testing is a big part of prenatal visits and for the first visit, they may take blood work to run genetic tests to check your Rh factor.


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