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Both Dr. Murray and Dr. Sivkin offer advanced care and treatment for women who are pregnant at Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates in Milford and Westport, Connecticut. Each physician takes the time and care needed to guide any woman through a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Q & A

Is There Anything I Should Do Before I Try to Become Pregnant?

At Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates, we offer a variety of services that help women before they become pregnant. One of those services is pre-conceptual counseling, which helps answer questions both women and men may have about pregnancy. Another service we offer is genetic screening, which helps to pinpoint potential genetic conditions that may affect pregnancy. By offering women and men a firm understanding of pregnancy, both Dr. Murray and Dr. Sivkin enable couples to experience the joy of pregnancy while mitigating the challenges that may come while being pregnant.

What Happens Once I Become Pregnant?

Once you are pregnant, you receive prenatal care and assessment throughout the first trimester of your pregnancy. This service begins with lab screening and is followed by an ultrasound of your baby. The goal of our process is to help ensure a healthy pregnancy for both the mom and the baby. The first-trimester evaluation is thorough and extensive. It covers testing your blood type, looking for Rh factors and measuring hemoglobin as an indicator of anemia. In addition, your blood screening checks for your body's resistance to certain types of infections such as chickenpox.

What Will Pregnancy Exams Be Like?

The doctor will see you as frequently as necessary. During a typical pregnancy exam, our medical assistant will take your blood pressure and weight and ask you if anything has changed since your last visit. You will also be asked to provide a urine sample. The doctors will then exam you. They will also give you the chance to discuss any issues or concerns that you might have. If necessary, an ultrasound will be done that will help identify any issues that your baby may be having. You will see the doctor as often as necessary during your pregnancy, but usually, you will have between 13 and 16 visits.

What Kind of Normal Discomforts Might I Expect During Pregnancy?

One of the biggest complaints women have is that they feel awkward during their pregnancy. This is because the body changes a lot while supporting another life. Another common complaint that women have is that their breasts hurt or ache. During the first trimester, nausea is common, and can often include sporadic vomiting. The important thing for women to understand is that both Dr. Sivkin and Dr. Murray are available for questions, care, and sometimes just to listen.


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