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As OB-GYNs located in Milford and Westport, Connecticut, Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates is dedicated to helping their patients understand exactly what is happening with their health. To achieve this goal, Dr. Sivkin and Dr. Murray offer comprehensive pre-conceptual counseling for any couple or woman thinking about pregnancy.

Pre-conceptual Counseling Q & A

What is Pre-conceptual Counseling?

Pre-conceptual counseling is a conversation between a woman and her doctor about the risks she faces if she becomes pregnant. The overall sessions involve filling out a health questionnaire, taking labs, and testing for diseases such as undiagnosed diabetes. The process is an opportunity for women to prepare their body for pregnancy. This may mean losing weight or quitting cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. It may also mean changing birth control so that your body is primed to become pregnant. Some forms or birth control, such as a hormone-based IUD may require upwards of a year's time before it is safe for you to become pregnant.

Do I Have to Go to Pre-conceptual Counseling?

No, but it is highly recommended. Counseling is an opportunity to improve your health and the health of your next baby. Pregnancy, while beautiful, is a very physical and emotional journey. Your body changes, you may have morning sickness, you may have pain, and cramps, and find you cannot sleep. What preconceptual counseling does is to help show you where you can improve your body before you become pregnant. That may involve losing weight, exercising more, learning to eat a healthier diet. There are many benefits that come with pre-conceptual counseling.

Can My Husband or Partner Come to the Counseling?

It takes two people to make a baby, and the father's health is important too. Plus, if you need to make lifestyle changes, then working together to achieve those changes is easier. We recommend that the father comes to the appointment to support the mother, and learn how he can improve his lifestyle to prepare for a child as well.

What Will Happen at the Counseling Sessions?

The doctor will ask you questions about your health. She will likely take blood samples and ask for a urine sample. She is going to test for STDs that may harm the baby such as HIV or HPV and test your urine for signs of kidney disease. She may also test you for diabetes, or other conditions that may be relevant when having a child.


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