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Irregular and heavy periods can often provide severe discomfort and pain. Dr. Murray and Dr. Sivkin at Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates help women find answers, solutions, and hope for any patient experiencing abnormal and heavy periods in the Milford and Westport, Connecticut area.

Irregular and Heavy Periods Q & A

What Causes Heavy or Irregular Periods?

Many reasons may contribute to heavy bleeding, medically referred to as menorrhagia. A common reason for heavy or irregular periods is fibroid tumors. Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that are comprised of muscle tissues. When located on the inner wall of the uterus the fibroid tumors cause both irregular bleeding cycles and heavy bleeding cycles.

Lifestyle is also a potential cause. Obesity is thought to be a cause of irregular and heavy periods. Hormonal imbalance, which can be biological or dietary, also plays a role. Dietary supplements and disorders such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are three examples or hormonal imbalances that cause irregular or heavy periods. Diseases such as Grave's Disease, ovarian cancer, Hashimoto's disease, and others cause issues with menstrual flow. Naturally occurring growths such as ovarian cysts can also cause heavy or irregular periods.

While the causes of heavy periods or irregular periods are many, the focus is on diagnosis and treatment of this issue. Dr. Murray's and Dr. Sivkin's extensive medical training provides expert insight into the inner workings of the menstrual cycle, helping to diagnose any issue. 

What Are the Treatments of Irregular or Heavy Periods?

Treatments for heavy periods or irregular menstrual cycles are dependent upon the cause. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as taking oral birth control pills. Sometimes a minimally invasive robotic surgery, which Dr. Murray offers, can repair or remove the cause of heavy periods. An example of such a surgery would be a myomectomy which is an arthroscopic surgery to remove fibroids.

Usually, heavy periods are a sign or symptom of another condition, such as hormonal imbalance or ovarian cancer. It is important for you to talk to your doctor about your menstruation concerns. That conversation is one of the advantages that Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates offers, as the health practitioners here are women that care about your health. In fact, women helping women is their focus, and women understand that having a conversation is the very first step in diagnosing and treating illness and disease. 


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