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Much of women's health focuses on pregnancy and prevention of pregnancy. At Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates in Milford and Westport, Connecticut, women have access to comprehensive health care from our OB-GYN's that includes contraception, pregnancy care, gynecological care, and even surgery.

Contraception Q & A

Is There a Difference Between Contraception and Birth Control?

The short answer is yes; there is a difference. However, much of the differences come down to how we use the words. All birth control methods are contraception, but not all contraception is birth control. Birth control is primarily a hormonal product that helps to prevent pregnancy from beginning. Contraception, which includes birth control, also includes all of the devices used to prevent pregnancy such as IUDs, condoms, and even Plan B.

How Do I Know Which Option - Birth Control or Contraception - Is Best for Me?

One of the key things to consider is how much you really know about all of the options available. Dr. Sivkin is the only licensed sex therapist in the state of Connecticut, and as such, she makes an excellent source of information and resource for finding the best options for preventing pregnancy based on your lifestyle.

Does It Really Matter Which Type of Contraception I Use?

Yes, each type can affect your health in a variety of ways. There is more at risk than just an unwanted pregnancy. STDs, HPV, and HIV are three reasons that make choosing the right type of contraception not only important but also potentially life-saving. Not every form of birth control or contraception prevents the spread of STDs, HPV, or HIV. It is very important to see your local OB-GYN about which type of contraception is right for you.

What is the Best Method of Contraception to Use and Still be Sexually Active?

Male or female condoms work really well to help stop the spread of STDs, HPV, and HIV. Condoms should be made from latex as they are most effective. Condoms made from sheepskin or other natural products may not stop the transmission of STDs, HPV, or HIV.

At What Age Should I Consider Birth Control for My Children?

There is no exact age to start birth control. For a more precise answer, talk with Dr. Sivkin about contraception and minors.


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