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Women's health is complex, and that is why Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates offers complete women's health care by women practitioners in Milford and Westport, Connecticut. Our OB-GYN specialists offer and recommend annual well-woman exams for all women patients to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Annual Well-Woman Exam Q & A

What is the Annual Women's Wellness Exam?

The annual women's wellness exam is a yearly gynecological exam. It is for women who are aged 13 and older and may involve a pelvic exam and pap smear. However, the wellness exam is not just about your gynecological state of health, it is also about your entire health picture.

Why Do I Need and Annual Health Wellness Exam?

For young women, your annual health exam is an opportunity to learn about your body as it changes or about changes that have already occurred. If you are sexually active, then you can talk with your doctor about contraception, ask questions, and get to know your doctor. At the Southern Connecticut Women's Health Care Associates, all of the doctors are women so they understand what it is like to have to ask a doctor personal questions.

For women who are aged 21 and older, expect to have a pelvic exam. If you are under age 30 you should also get a pap smear. Both are important parts of your overall health. Your pelvic exam helps to identify potential health problems, such as the development of fibroids. The pap smear helps to determine the presence of HPV, which is a pre-indicator for cervical cancer, and also may show if you have cervical cancer. This is also a time to begin the conversation about becoming pregnant, pre-conceptual planning, and to explore options for contraception and birth control.

How Often Should I Have a Pap Smear if I am Over 30?

The answer to that question depends on your health, the results of past pap smear tests, and family history. Typically, if your pap smears have been negative for the past five years, then your doctor may decide that you should have a pap smear every other year. You should still have an annual wellness exam each year.


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